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A unique, global, online relationship improvement service
helping individuals & couples to quickly refresh, improve & transform their relationship
let it go.

Regain clarity & confidence so you can step on your path
to a more joyful life.

*Are you feeling drained because you're putting more into your relationship than you get back?
*Do you feel confused about what you really want?
*Is your frustration at an all-time high and you're ready to do something different to break the funk?

If this feels like you, then
because life is too short to not be fulfilled in your relationships. 
Why Hot Pizza?

Welcome! I'm Kristina Leone; creator & founder of Hot Pizza. I'm a relationship expert & re-educator, mom, musician, action-maker and healer.


 In 2013, towards the end of my 24-year marriage, I discovered I had been accepting far less in my relationship than I deserved. I had been accepting cold pizza! (please watch the video!).


I embarked on a life-changing quest for Hot Pizza! I learnt a lot! I have combined this concept and my lived experience with my extensive +30-year education background, research and counselling skills to create Hot Pizza; an online relationship transformation & re-education service. 

About Hot Pizza

I truly believe many of us have not been taught, or have forgotten, how to be in relationships well, so Hot Pizza  provides the knife to cut through relationship confusion and circumvent months of traditional relationship or couples therapy.

Hot Pizza is similar to Brief Intervention therapy, an approach that is present & future focused, based in education and support, usually for a relatively short period of time.


Hot Pizza teaches new and practical ways of thinking and ‘doing’ in relationships because it's not usually the person themselves we fall 'out of love' with, it's their behaviours. And these can be relearnt to reheat the pizza!. 

Hot Pizza program offerings are cooked up with various ingredients, with a sprinkling of fun, on the base of on original Hot Pizza Relationship Framework that is relatable, powerful, and effective. 

working together,
you can expect to:


  • stop wasting time, effort and energy in unhappy relationships

  • make more clear, empowered relationship choices - quickly improve them or let them go

  • be more confident in your decisions

  • be more hopeful about the future of your relationship - either existing or new ones!

Because life is too short,

We all deserve Hot Pizza

And You deserve it now!

stop wasting time feeling this...
Taking a Break
when you could be feeling this...
Jumping with Joy
or this...
In Love Couple
Loving Couple
Smiling Couple
Gay Couple
Happy Couple
Get in the Hot Pizza kitchen with me!
Let's fire up YOUR Hot Pizza!

Hot Pizza is delivered all over the world via your desktop, laptop, mobile, or device.

Hot Pizza is an online relationship re- education & therapy helping individuals and couples through affordable:
+ private e-learning courses,
+ short term individual support or couples transformation programs
+ live & online individuals and couples workshops
And the best thing's not all hard work..... some of it is FUN!
Our Menu

online e-learning courses

These aren't quite cooked yet, but coming out of the oven soon will be our FIRST e-learning course:

STAY OR LEAVE? a concise, powerful, objective assessment of your relationship to decide,,,,should I stay or should I go?



programs for individuals

4 week support program for individuals including private 1:1 sessions, private online relationship education & activities, all designed to support & empower you within or without your relationship.

Includes a complimentary initial session!

couples relationship transformation programs

4 week transformation program for couples including: private relationship therapy sessions, private relationship education & activities, all designed to reheat your relationship.

Includes a complimentary initial session!

not sure & need help?

Not sure what you need or what to do and you want some help? Click on the button below to book in for a free, no-strings-attached chat about how Hot Pizza can help you. 

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